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Model: HUB11
Powered USB Hub Splitter, APANAGE 11-Port High Speed USB 3.0 Hub(7 port USB Data + 4 Smart Charging Ports) with 48W Power Adapter and Individual On/Off Switches

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Bullet Points :
MULTI USB PORT EXPANDER & LONG CORD: There are 7 USB Data Transfer Ports, which makes it very easy to connect Multi USB devices to your PC, laptop simultaneously, such as keyboard, mouse, card reader, mobile HDD, webcam, mp3 players, oculus, etc. And this USB hub is coming with 100cm Built-in cord.
UP to 4 FAST CHARGING PORTS: This USB expansion hub with 4 fast charging ports allows to charge cellphones, tablets, cameras, speakers and more. 
CHARGE FASTER. INDIVIDUAL ON/OFF SWITCHES: As a powerful USB splitter and gadget manager, this 11-port USB hub has built-in on and off switches with led indicators for each port, being able to turn on or off the separate USB port without unplugging the equipment, blue LED lights let you know the working status easily, each switch remembers the on/off config.
5Gbps HIGH SPEED DATA TRANSFER: The USB 3.0 Hub extension provides up to 5 Gbps data speed, which means you will transfer an HD movie in seconds, and it
    Add up to 11 peripherals quickly and easily with the APANAGE USB 3.0 Hub. 
    Especially great for notebooks which come with only a few ports in an era when you need to attach many USB devices at once, such as a printer, card reader, cell phone, iPod, thumb drive, mouse, keyboard, or an external hard drive. Achieve full 5 Gbps on each port. Four extra dedicated charging ports dynamically recognizes and provides the fast charging mechanism (up to 2.4A) for your USB devices. 

    * Data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps
    * Add up to 11 devices by daisy-chaining multiple hubs(7 USB data ports + 4 charging ports).
    * Hot-swappable, plug and play, no drivers needed
    * Backwards-Compatible with USB 2.0. 1.1 or 1.0
    * Individual On/Off Switch For Each Port
    * Active USB 3.0 Hub Powered by AC adapter
    * Maximum Compatibility and Performance
    * Built-in 100cm cord

    What you get?
    * 11-Port USB 3.0 hub.
    * 12V-4A Power adapter.
    * Quick start manual.

    This product comes with one year manafacture warranty. 

    Please Note:
    Some USB 3.0 devices and 2.4G wireless devices(wireless mice, wireless keyboard etc.) require a direct connection to host USB 3.0/2.0 ports may not compatible with this product.
    It comes 12V 4A power adapter. DO NOT make the total of current over 4A when charging your multiple devices.
    Question: can I use this as a switch/hub to operate 3 laptops at once connected to one screen?
    Answer: This is a USB hub, not an AC/VGA/DVI/HDMI hub. Not sure how or why you‘re trying to connect 3 laptops but this ain‘t it. Not sure why you‘d want to connect 3 laptops to one screen but you‘re going to need an HDMI switchable hub for viewing (for example) on a big screen tv. Do yourself a favor and get a couple of extern… see more 
    By Dave on April 8, 2018
    Question: Does it support 9v/2a & 12v/1.5a on the quick charge ports? also is it limited to just 4a, i.e. 20w if using 5v?
    Answer: Don‘t test it yet. 
    By Deoud Gentillon on April 16, 2018
    Question: Why does the description say 4 smart charging ports when the picture only shows 3? need many ports for simultaneous charge/data transfer?
    Answer: There is one located on the front of it. That‘s why only 3 are shown. 
    By Mason Thompson on April 8, 2018
    Question: What is the maximum wattage (max amps x 5v) through all ports at once (data and power only)?
    Answer: hello,dear customer.thanks for your question.The power output is 12V/4A. The maximum output power is 48w at once. The output power of each interface is adjusted according to the device intelligence. The maximum output power of the charging interface is 5V/2.4A,and the maximum is 12w The maximum output power of the data… see more 
    By APANAGE SELLER  on March 23, 2018
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